"7 Sheikhs"
From 11 to 18 February 2017

UAE is the "Tale in the Desert", born 40 years ago. We will study in the United Arab Emirates how to do his "Tales", how to be able to turn dreams into reality!
So, dear friends, we will go to BUSINESS TOUR 2017! Join now!

02.11.2017 - arrival, accommodation

12.02 - THE GREATNESS OF DUBAI - Dubai expedition to the city and its history, the Singing Fountain, the tallest building in the world - Burj Khalifa,
13.02 - Business trips to famous companies of UAE

14.02 - Business reception in the Chamber of Commerce, Business trips to famous companies UAE

15.02 - Visit to the international educational exhibition "Intnl Education Expo 2017", which are the best universities of the world, with offices in the UAE.

16.02 - Visit to the famous Sheikh Zayed White Mosque, after a visit to the largest entertainment - FERRARI WORLD!

17.02 - beach - vacation on the Gulf.

Business game "7 sheikhs" in the morning or evening
Quiz with presents on knowledge of the history of the city, a pleasant supportive environment - new friends and children of company leaders from different countries!

18.02 - Departure, transfer

PRICE FOR THE TOUR: BASIC Euro / 1 person (ask the regional partners - prices can vary a little)
(The price includes: accommodation in a 2-bed room (4 star hotel Coral Dubai Deira, breakfast, shuttle service from / to the airport, transportation in the country by major business and cultural trips, materials for workshops (art set), branded materials tour, the value of all master classes, tickets to all the business and cultural excursions (except FERRARI WORLD), the fee for travel company, taxes)

Additional payments:
+ Registration fee for arranging travel and maintenance - 100 Euro / person,
+ Flight (different prices in different countries).
+ visa
+ insurance

UKRAINE:  + 38093-303-00-99, 093-303-00-70
RUSSIA:     + 7916-995-00-56
MOLDOVA: + 373-609-000-55
POLAND:   + 48577-919-181
GEORGIA:  +995-577-202-232

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